Sponsor a Cot

Sponsor a Cot

Sponsor a Cot

By sponsoring a cot for £20 a month, you are helping to make sure that every baby referred to Open Arms Infant Homes will have a safe place to grow and thrive in their early years.

Nurse holding baby with cots in the background

Why is our Infant Care Programme so vital?

Malawi has made great strides over the last few decades in significantly reducing maternal and infant mortality rates. Through more assisted births, better access to health clinics, childhood vaccines and simple mosquito nets, thousands upon thousands of preventable deaths have been avoided.

However, Malawi still has; 

Infant mortality graph from 1990 - 2020

Open Arms was set up in response to these challenges. Our two Infant Homes in Blantyre and Mangochi provide round-the-clock love, shelter, medical and nutritional care for up to 60 orphaned and abandoned babies who would otherwise have nowhere else to go and little chance of survival. 

This early intervention is crucial in not just helping them to survive and overcome their difficult start to life, but to return home to their families as happy and healthy toddlers, who can go on to finish school, earn a living and help their country to thrive.

Sponsor a Cot today in our Infant Homes for just £20 a month 

Providing 24/7 medical, nutritional, and social development support to these children generates significant costs.  Your sponsorship will go towards the costs of food, medicine, the care staff who look after the children, as well as the running costs of the buildings.

Your regular donations will significantly help to protect this vital service, ensuring that every baby referred to the Infant Homes will have a safe and nurturing place to grow and develop when they need it the most.

In return you will receive a special update 3 times a year, including:

  • stories and photos of some of the babies benefiting from your sponsorship
  • staff profiles so you can 'meet the mothers'
  • the latest news from Open Arms Infant Homes
  • current affairs in Malawi
Agness Paddy Rabson Feb Birthday

Ready to Sponsor a Cot?

In order to arrange your sponsorship, please set up your monthly Direct Debit of £20 by completing the form below, being sure to type 'Sponsor a cot' in the additional comments section. You will then be sent a digital welcome pack by a member of our team.

If you are based outside of the UK, or would like to discuss other payment methods, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you for helping to give some of Malawi's most vulnerable children a chance at a brighter future!

Babies in highchairs and on a mat eating porridge

Your donation will help children in Malawi grow up healthy with the love of a family


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