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'Make a Meal of it' Campaign launches!

This November and December, we invite you to join us in taking part in our annual 'Make a Meal' Campaign to help combat malnutrition and support the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2) of 'Zero Hunger'.

Make a Meal Campaign

Why are we doing this?

For the 'Warm Heart of Africa', the current COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates the existing challenges faced by those in the Global South as they enter their annual 'hungry season', the lean months between crop-planting (November/December) and the harvest (April/May). With over 2.8 million Malawians going hungry, children are still hit the hardest, with over 54% facing malnutrition and life-long consequences, such as stunted growth. Climate change and drought have become some of Malawi's greatest threats, with the lack of winter rains unable to support the growth of Maize, which accounts for over 70% of the population's diet. Other impacts during the hungry season include inflation of the cost of food, environmental damage to crops and livestock, a rise in hunger-related diseases, bursts of flooding that allow malaria to thrive in stagnant water, and economic fragility. In 2020, they also face the COVID-19 pandemic.

With these challenges in mind, there is no better or more important time to think about those in less resilient circumstances to our own. While we are united in facing a global pandemic and the effects of climate change, huge disparities in how we can cope with such threats still exist. Now, more than ever, global united action is required to support those who face increasingly overwhelming and consistent threats to being able to live healthy, secure, and successful lives. As global citizens, these challenges are shared.

What is Make a MEAL?

In a socially distant way (and in accordance with your local guidelines), host a meal in support of Open Arms Malawi. Simply bake, cook, create a meal, collect a small donation (the cost of a takeaway or meal in a restaurant), and donate the proceeds. We're aiming to raise £3,000 this year to support the cost of food and medical care for our Infant Homes in Blantyre and Mangochi. 

How can I join? 

Simply visit our webpage to find out more. You can register your interest, and we will send you a Fundraising Pack with recipe ideas, a menu template, fun ways to take part, and even inspiration for giving your meal a Malawian twist! We've already made a head-start and shared a baking recipe on our website, which you can check out here. Remember, anyone can get involved! So please share widely, and encourage those beyond your immediate circles to take part. We'd love to make such a challenging year our biggest campaign yet!

Where do I donate?

Head over to our Just Giving page to donate! You can also mail us cheques, or get in touch to find out what will be easiest for you.

How do I host a meal during COVID-19?

We understand that hosting a meal for friends and family might look a little different this year. That's why we're encouraging you to think creatively about how to connect with others, raise money for an important cause, and still feel safe doing so. Could you host a Zoom call between households, cooking and sharing together? Could you safely drop off food at a neighbour's house? Could you create an online fundraiser and spread the word, encouraging others to cook and donate in their own homes? Could you set your own fundraising challenge for your household? If you have an idea, please consider sharing it with us to give others inspiration! Don't forget to let us know what your fundraising activities will be - we'd love to see what you do on social media or even let us know via email. 

Download a campaign flyer below to distribute and share in your communities and/or on social media.

And to get you started, click below to download a Chigumu Cake recipe to give your meal a Malawian twist! This recipe is by Regina Joe, a Fairtrade sugar cane farmer and mother of two who lives in Chinangwa Village, Malawi.


Other fundraising ideas from home:

Ø  Organise a cooking demonstration live online event for your family and friends on social media 

Ø  Share with your family and friends the photos and videos of the dish that you made for Make a Meal of It on social media

Ø  Create a fundraiser on Open Arms Malawi’s Facebook page

Ø  Create a fundraiser for Open Arms Malawi on Instagram

Ø  Go to our Just Giving campaign page and become a fundraiser yourself!

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