Supporting communities

Supporting communities

In the community

Pemphero school in Mangochi

We’d like to say thank you to SMBC Aviation Capital and Johnson and Johnson for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that have, in particular, supported educational projects in Malawi.

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Nansenga nursery school

Our 6th nursery school was built in Nansenga, a small village near Mangochi.There are many children in Nansenga who do not have access to nursery education, and so with the help from our partners we were able to change that.

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Nursery schools

We are extremely proud of our feeding station and nursery school programme, which began in 2003. Open Arms has a policy of providing nursery education to the children returned to their communities at two years old, whenever this is possible.

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Cash transfer day

Cash Transfer day is an important day of the month for many families. It’s the day when some of our particularly vulnerable children who have returned to live with family members, come back to Open Arms to receive some financial assistance and a bag of maize to help them through the month.

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